Event Production

Some may refer to us as party planners but to us, that term is far too simple to define what we really do. The role of an event producer is complex and the ones who stand out posses some important skill sets. They must be wildly creative, organized, decisive, detail-oriented, focused, flexible, compassionate and know how to keep cool under pressure. That's how best to describe the professionals at MDN Productions. We intrinsically understand how to produce an event and know that when it is "go-time", there are no second takes.
  1. Budget Management
    We will help you create a comprehensive event budget based on your overall spend. We track and manage the budget throughout the planning process, ensuring you are within, if not under budget.
  2. Creative Concept
    What is the look and feel of your event? Once we understand your goals, objectives and desired outcome, we work with you to come up with creative, one-of-a-kind concepts.
  3. Venue Selection
    There are a myriad of venue options. Understanding all the options available can be a little daunting. Our venue selection software allows us to source the appropriate options to meet your needs.
  4. Production Schedule
    One of our initial steps is to create a production schedule. This keeps the planning process moving forward efficiently and allows us to provide updates to clients as needed.
  5. Vendor Management
    From caterers to headliners to furniture rental, we take care of the contracts, the communication, follow-through, follow-up and all the pertinent details relevant to our suppliers' role in your event.
  6. Event Staffing
    It takes a village to execute an event that is extraordinary. We supply a variety staffing needs including set-up, greeters, guest check-in , VIP services and security.
  7. Audio Visual
    The sight & sound of your event is one of the most important aspects. We pull this into the overall look and feel, managing the creative, production and execution every step of the way.
  8. Sponsor Activation
    We understand the importance your sponsor partners play. They help to make your event possible. We ensure their presence plays a substantial role and is conveyed according to your specifications.
  9. On-line Registration
    From multi-day conference to single events we build dynamic, custom registration sites. Showcase your sponsors, speakers, provide full event details and gather necessary information from your attendees.